IDR offer end to end Debt Management services to all type of industries & entities.

IDR's main objectives are to act as an extension of your credit department, to enhance your collection process, and to achieve the highest possible return on each account you place. IDR provide both First Party Recovery/Collection Services and Third Party Recovery/Collection Services. Our Debt Recover specialists are Attorneys and Commerce graduates who has better skills and knowledge to under both the financial and legal aspects of the commercial transactions and clients businesses. We maintain continuous communication with our clients; and work to resolve receivable concerns while preserving the positive relationships you have with your customers.

We can effectively handle accounts of any size, in any stage of delinquency - from a few days to many months across the globe.
Our Commercial Debt /recovery/Collection clients benefit from:

  • Expert account handling by experienced Attorney averaging 20 years of commercial recovery /collection agency experience
  • Our Debt Recovery Specials are Attorneys and Commercial Graduates.
  • 24/7 access to account activity and reporting via a secure Client Portal
  • Collection fees are fully contingent upon collection

Dedicated Teams

We assign dedicated teams of recovery specialist attorneys or Commerce graduates to our clients. Our Recovery Specialists assigned to a particular client account will work exclusively on their portfolio. This level of dedication ensures that claims are given customized attention based on the standards set forth with our clients to assure world-class service.

Our Global Third Party Collections Process, along with the management rules and treatment plans set with our client, will determine the collection strategy put into practice. We deploy our Recovery specialists based upon country location, time zone, balance threshold, and follow up date.

Recovery methods

Most businesses cannot devote the time and resources needed to manage the cost of carrying debt over time, but it's a critical threat to profitability. You need a partner you can rely on to help you improve cash flow by enhancing - not replacing - your internal department.

IDR can work with you to develop a customized solution for better control of your receivables process, applying well-defined collection policies and procedures across your entire credit portfolio. You set the targets and define the goals; we'll meet your expectations.

Our Clients Drive the following benefits from outsourcing theirs receivable management as First Party Outsourcing to us :

  • Increased control of the receivables process with customized account treatment and strategic follow-up on every account
  • Insight to better understand delinquencies via comprehensive, real-time reporting tools
  • improved cash flow and profitability
  • 24/7 access to account activity and reporting via a secure Client Portal
  • Reduced costs - let us recruit, train and pay the overhead of your dedicated AR staff


  1. Consistent follow-up like Telephonic Call, Emails, Letters with customers for Collection of Invoices.
  2. Settling Queries of Customers.
  3. Help Desk.
  4. Dispute Resolution.
  5. Reconciliation.
  6. Field Visit.
  7. Sending Reminder.
  8. Legal Notices.
  9. Drafting Legal Documents.

We believe in " Prevention is better than cure " . We complete assists our clients with all Delinquent Prevention strategy and actions that helps them not to let debts become delinquent or bad.

Traditionally, the collection process has been focused on waiting until the point after a customer misses their due date of payment and then reacting through a series of well established collection processes.

Now , forward thinking creditors are considering whether prevention is better than cure and are making the transition from their reactive collections environment to one that incorporates a proactive stage aimed at pre- collections activity to try and reduce of cases into collection systems.

The aim is to aid identification of customers likely to become delinquent and target actions.

Our Delinquency Prevention Services includes the following steps :

Verification Process

  • Business Address Verification
  • Residential Address Verification
  • PAN Verification
  • Personal Interview/ Field Verification
  • Business License/Registration Verification
  • Evaluation of Financial Statements available in Public Domain
  • Trade Reference Checking
  • Personal Reference Checking
  • Review of Credit Bureau Report
  • Review of Data available in Public Domain
  • Net Search
  • Review of Financial Profile and General Profile of the Applicant through Information Form and Personal Interview

Pre- due date follow up

  • Telephone calls follow-up to remind softly and encouraging debtors for timely payment
  • Emails Follow-up

Our Clients derives the following benefits from the Delinquency Prevention Services:

  • Encouraging Payments ahead of potential delinquency
  • Timely payment
  • Improved Cash Inflow and Profits
  • Better relations with Customers
  • Low cost of Collection
  • Significant Reduction of Bad Debts.
  • Manage potential high risk debt by sensitive treatment of customer at an early stage
  • Better Regulatory Compliances.