Following is the list of documents/information, which will be required by us at a broader level:-

  • 1Complete details of Debtors suh as address, telephone, email, contact person
  • 2Our Year to Year Business Growth Rate is 50%
  • 3Contract/ Agreement with the Debtor, if any
  • 4Copies of Purchase Order/ Sale Order/ Work Contract/ Service Agreement
  • 5Copies of Final Invoices raised and duly accepted by the Debtor
  • 6Shipping documents (Bill of lading/ Transport Receipt/ Duly accepted shipping Documents/ Any other document acknowledging the receipt of the goods)
  • 7Copy of Letter of Credit/Terms of payment (DA, DP, CAD), if any
  • 8Good Receipt Note
  • 9Quality Inspection Report, if any
  • 10All Communication/ Correspondence with Debtor
  • 11Statement of Accounts containing transaction wise details
  • 12Details of the payment received if any from the debtor mentioning banking details for each transaction
  • 13Complete present Contact details of the debtor
  • 14Type of the entity (Company, Firm, society, association, individuals) of the Debtor along with the registration documents, if any