IDR offers complete cycle of "Global Commercial Debt Management" in India to all sectors from Manufacturing to Distribution to Retail and Services Sector. In other words, IDR covers Manufacturing, Business, Trade, Telecommunication, Banks, Insurance companies, Financial Services Companies, Health Sectors Information and Technology, BPO, Financial, Real-Estate, Software, Marketing, Distribution, Licensing, Agency and others. IDR cover all types of Business entities like Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, Limited Liability Company.

Most businesses cannot devote the time and resources needed to manage the cost of carrying debt over time, but it's a critical threat to profitability. You need a partner you can rely on to help you improve cash flow by enhancing - not replacing - your internal department.

IDR can work with you to develop a customized solution for better control of your receivables process, applying well-defined collection policies and procedures across your entire credit portfolio. You set the targets and define the goals; we'll meet your expectations.

Our Clients Drive the following benefits from outsourcing theirs receivable management as First Party Outsourcing to us :

  • Increased control of the receivables process with customized account treatment and strategic follow-up on every account
  • Insight to better understand delinquencies via comprehensive, real-time reporting tools
  • improved cash flow and profitability
  • 24/7 access to account activity and reporting via a secure Client Portal
  • Reduced costs - let us recruit, train and pay the overhead of your dedicated AR staff

a). Pre-due Date Collection Services

Under this stage, our client transfer all the invoices to us for collection as first party or 3rd party outsourcing partner so that we can consistently follow up with the customers of clients to remind softly and encouraging debtors for timely payment whilst maintaining best relationship with the customers This helps to reduce significantly potential delinquency.

Under this stage we deploy dedicated resources who are experts in collections and maintaining best customers relationship whilst having full business and accounting knowledge.

  1. Consistent follow-up to remind softly via Telephonic Call, Emails, Letters with customers for Collection of Invoices before the due date.
  2. Settling Queries of Customers.
  3. Help Desk.
  4. Dispute Resolution.
  5. Reconciliation.

b). Post due Date and Delinquent account Recovery Services

Under this stage, we assign the delinquent accounts to our Debt recover specialists who are experienced attorneys. IDR starts with Friendly Approach and gradually shifting its approach from Friendly to Legal, depending on the response of the defaulting debtors. The whole purpose of is to create Legal Pressure and fear in the mind of the defaulting debtor to seek positive response from the defaulting debtor. The whole purpose is to force debtor to come forward for settlement by creating as much trouble as we can, but with prior consultation with our client.. Below are the activities that we undertake under this method/plan:

  1. Regular Email escalation.
  2. Regular telephonic follow-up
  3. Personal Visit (1time)
  4. Dispute Resolution
  5. Accounts Reconciliation
  6. Legal Notice and Rejoinders
  7. Drafting of Criminal Complaint for FIR registration

c). Dedicated Customers Help Desk

IDR will provide dedicated infrastructure and team to set up a customers help desk to provide information and redressal the queries & complaints of the customers of clients.

d). Litigation Services

We also provide services to recover the debts through court of law and/or through Police authorities and filing suit for recovery, insolvency and Bankruptcy /Winding up, drafting and filing of criminal complaints with Police authority, filing complaint under section 138 of the Negotiable Instrument Act for dishonoring of cheque and also by using all other Legal remedies available as per the circumstances and facts of each claim.

IDR has in-house Law firm and also have strategic Partnership with over 150 leading Law firms across india in almost all the cities in India

Under this method IDR offer the following 2 options to its clients:

  • Litigation Support Services
  • Full Litigation Solution