AEREN Collect TM - our web based tool - "Online Claim Management System" allows every clients secure access to their own accounts showing the History, Progress, Status, Uploading Documents, Generating Reports etc. It is a complete management and measuring recovery efforts/activities tool. Through this tool you can see and track what recovery efforts we have been putting in like Calls Log, Visit Made, Reminder Sent, Complaints and Notice Sent etc.

  • 1Client is provided with ID & Password.
  • 2All our recovery efforts and actions like telephonic calls, letter sent, personal visits made, legal notice sent can be tracked online.
  • 3All Files can be uploaded by the client using CMS.
  • 4All claims can be uploaded by the client using CMS.
  • 5You can generate various reports like status report, open claims, closed claims, invoices raised etc.